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dumps - cvv2 (Sellcvvgood.org) Sell dumps track 1/2 with pin (without pin)

Discussion in 'Mẹ và Bé' started by john189cvv, May 16, 2016.

  1. john189cvv

    john189cvv New Member

    Sell Cvv Valid Us Ca Uk Eu Au Fr Jp.. All country !

    Contact us

    Website : http://sellcvvgood.org/
    ICQ : 911-99999
    Email : Sellcvvgood.org@gmail.com
    Skype : Sellcvvgood.org
    Yahoo : Sellcvv1981@yahoo.com

    You need a CVV and more. We need a good buyer for business long time. Why don't you contact us?
    1/ Sell CVV normal, fullz info cvv of those countries : UK, US, EU, CA, AUS and some other countries
    2/ Sell Dump, T1/T2 good balance of those countries : UK, US, EU, CA, AUS and some other countries
    3/ Sell Mail Pass, RPD, personal information
    Contact us to know exactly price. Best price for a bulk order
    Reading below carefully before contact us:
    We have to resolve many orders at a time, so you should save your time and your breath: no play game, no joking,
    no asking a free test, sample, prooflike thousands guys ask us everyday. If u need a test, I recommend
    u should buy 1 first to test.

    Leave ur message in my contact I ll connect to you ASAP.

    PAYMENT: BTC, WMZ, PM, Western Union

    I hope to have a long-term business with you

    Thanks for your reading

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